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Dear Customer,
Thank you for choosing MODERN PRINTING PRESS (MPP) for all your printing solutions. Our commitment is to offer products and services that meet the highest standards. We hope that we have been able to live up to your expectations. Please spare few minutes to fill in our online Customer Feedback Form, as your valuable feedback will enable us to understand what we do well and what improvements we need to implement in serving you better.



1) How would you rate our Account Manager‟s understanding your requirements?
2) (a) The manner our office staff acted in, (i) Understanding your needs?
(ii) Responding to your needs?
    (b) How would you rate their? (i) Professionalism
(ii) Courteousness
(iii) Helpfulness
3) Were we able to respond to your online order swiftly?
       YES       NO
4) How competitive are we in our prices in lieu of the services we offer?
5) How would you rate us on our delivery timelines?
6) How appropriate/accurate are we in our billing process?
7) How do you feel about standard of service(s) we offer?
8) How satisfied are you with the quality of the product(s) delivered?
9) Do you have any complaints/grievance(s) for substandard product(s)?
       YES       NO
(a) If Yes, were they officially reported?
       YES       NO
(b) If Yes, (i) Was your complaint/grievance(s) Handled as per your expectation?
       YES       NO
(ii) Was your complaint/grievance(s) Resolved as per your expectation?
       YES       NO
10) Would you recommend us to others?
       YES       NO
11) Would you like to propose or share with us any new Value Additions that you think is required to upgrade our products and services?        YES       NO
If Yes, kindly share your proposal(s):
12) Would you like to be informed of our New Innovations/Services?        YES       NO

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* The information given within the Customer Feedback Form will be used for product and service improvement only and are strictly confidential.
'I hereby acknowledge the above personal data which I have provided to Modern Printing Press (MPP) (the 'Company') can be used by the Company for
purposes (such as but not limited to customer service) as long as it not divulged to third parties.
It is also understood that I can, at any time and through the Company, request to update, amend or delete such data.'